Problem With Testing Premium Payout Functionality

I would like to know if it is possible to test out my Premium Payout features in my game, whilst subscribing to Premium myself.

The issue here is, when I run my game and test the features out, given my account is subscribed to Premium, it just brushes it off and won’t let me test what happens when I theoretically purchase a Premium Membership via the :PromptPremiumPurchase() method.

I’ve searched and checked if anybody has asked a question like this before, but I can’t see any thus far.

Any insight or help towards my issue here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If you want to test premium features, just get premium and test them. Or you could add an if statement into the features like

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
     if player.Name = bricknemesis then
              --Premium features here--
     elseif --check for premium--
              --Premium features here--

That probably won’t work, I haven’t tested it.

If you are subscribed to Premium, I would expect that PromptPremiumPurchase would simply have no effects. Might have to use a different account.

you can open up local server, it will spawn players like as if they are new

in roblox studio, there is a “Test” tab at the top. click the “Start” button after selecting “1 Player” option

go to “Clients and Servers” section