Problem with tools

Hello. Im making a tool that spawns a bomb when you activate it, but for some reason the localscript gives 2 tools and when i activate it nothing happens, nothing prints. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

localscript code:

local tool ="Tool", game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack)

Is bombsummon a RemoteEvent? If so it goes in the ReplicatedStorage and you would have to say:
game.ReplicatedStorage.bombsummon:FireServer() instead of game.Workspace.bombsummon:FireServer()

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I changed the parent to ReplicatedStorage, but it still doesnt work. It seems that the problem is that it does not detect when i activate the tool properly. Also it gives me 2 tools for some reason.

Do you mind showing me the server script?

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I’m pretty sure the tool needs a handle and other things, you can’t just one and magically create a working tool.

try searching tutorials on how to make a tool

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