Problem with trail for Jojo's Barrage

I was making a Jojo’s Barrage, the Arms moves in Arc, I wanted to make a trail on the cloned arms

Here’s the script of how I make the Trails:

local Trail1 = TrailFolder:FindFirstChild("GE_Trail"):Clone()
		local Trail2 = TrailFolder:FindFirstChild("GE_Trail"):Clone()
		Trail1.Parent = LeftArm
		local Attachment0L ="Attachment")
		Attachment0L.Parent = LeftArm
		Attachment0L.CFrame = LeftArm.CFrame *,0,0)
		local Attachment1L ="Attachment")
		Attachment1L.Parent = LeftArm
		Attachment1L.CFrame = LeftArm.CFrame *,0,0)
		Trail1.Attachment0 = Attachment0L
		Trail1.Attachment1 = Attachment1L

		Trail2.Parent = RightArm
		local Attachment0R ="Attachment")
		Attachment0R.Parent = RightArm
		Attachment0R.CFrame = RightArm.CFrame *,0,0)
		local Attachment1R ="Attachment")
		Attachment1R.CFrame = RightArm.CFrame *,0,0)
		Attachment1R.Parent = RightArm
		Trail2.Attachment0 = Attachment0R
		Trail2.Attachment1 = Attachment1R

What I want to accomplish is the trails following the arms motion:

But for some reason, the trails go like this and I don’t know how to fix it:

How could I fix this?


Could you let us know where you defined LeftArm and RightArm, as well? That could help us a lot…

The Arms are just a clone of the Stand Arms:

local LeftArm = Stand:WaitForChild("Left Arm"):Clone()
		LeftArm.CanCollide = false
		LeftArm.Anchored = true
		LeftArm.Parent = BarrageEffectsFolder
		LeftArm.Transparency = 1

		local RightArm = Stand:WaitForChild("Right Arm"):Clone()
		RightArm.CanCollide = false
		RightArm.Anchored = true
		RightArm.Parent = BarrageEffectsFolder
		RightArm.Transparency = 1

You shouldn’t clone, the arms. They won’t stay in place, and when placing it back into workspace, it’s most likely what is breaking up the function.

Then what should I do for making the Barrage with no cloning the arms?
Or how could I achieve make the trail following the arm’s path?

try put the attachment on the arm instead of creating new one