Problem with tweening Image Label

Hello, I’m facing a problem concerning the GUI. I want to make a health bar by tweening an image label.
Problem is, when it tweens, it shrinks in the y axis, something that I don’t want.

Here is my script:

local currentHealth = newHealth/100
if currentHealth <= 0.2 then
	HealthGradient.Color =
	HealthBar:TweenSize(, 0 , 0.235, 0))
	isTweening = true 
	HealthGradient.Color =
	HealthBar:TweenSize(, 0 , 0.235, 0))	


Thank you

Is the gui parented to a frame? If it is you can just set Y equal to 1.

Edit: Or you can use gui.Size.Y.Scale. Not sure it would actually fix it though, just so you dont have to keep updating your script value.

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Is the gui’s SizeConstraint set to XY?

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Yes it is, dont know what it actually does though.

Well if it’s XY then it’s fine.

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