Problem with UI changing location while in-game vs editing the UI


I’m new to UI design in roblox and I’ve been messing around with my UI design, trying to get a feel for making it and inputting it to studio etc. However I’ve come across a problem pretty early on while putting my UI into studio. I’ve been following this tutorial and have gotten to the step of importing my UI to studio.

Everything in the main UI looks good and is centred while in-game and while editing the UI, however I have one button outside of the main frame that does not scale. I have tried setting it’s anchor point to 0.5, 0.5 and putting it inside it’s own frame as the other frame seems to stay centred no matter what, however nothing has worked.

Attached are images for reference:

While editing the UI, with explorer open (only way to select UI items and change location)

Editing UI with explorer closed

While in game

As you can see the main UI/frame stays centred no matter what, however the circle keeps moving.

I’ve also attached a video so you can see it in action

Do you guys have any solutions to this? I’ve already tried adding the Autoscale Lite plugin but it hasn’t made a difference so far, I’m going to keep tinkering but I’m quite new to studio and UI so I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a solution by myself (having mostly only worked on graphic design before).

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ScreenGui has an option called IgnoreGuiInset
If disabled, ScreenGui will have an offset from the upper side of the screen

Oh, wait, I didn’t notice the button. Make the button a parent of the main GUI and then set its position using scale. It will always stay in the corner of the gui

As mentioned by Towerscripter, you’d probably want to make the top left circle button thing to be parented the frame you want it to stick with.


Play with the position and anchor point to make it look like you want.

Here’s my take on your UI if you want to take a closer look, hope this helps :slight_smile:

GridMenuTest.rbxm (6.3 KB)

I did try that in the beginning, but for some reason it doesn’t let it leave the frame’s border? At least not on the right hand side (although it lets it leave on the left, top and bottom)

Ah, i think that’s because you have the AutomaticSize set to X for the main Frame. Unless that’s necessary, you mind setting it to None and make the size of the frame accordingly, to fix any issue since its disabled.

That worked!! Thank you so much

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