Problem with ui

Hello everyone!, I have a problem here :sweat_smile:
So here is the problem!!
The UI are overlapping each other!!
Any idea how to fix it?

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Use ZIndex. ZIndex basically determines how things are rendered . They’ve given a pretty clear explanation. It decides what guis render ontop of eachother.

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Yeah I used zindex but still the problem and I tried to used grid layout and every thing went out :crying_cat_face:

UIGridLayout only sorts UI objects in a way, I’m sure you just got to play around with ZIndex and DisplayOrder. If it doesn’t work, then I’m sorry, I don’t know any other way to fix. Try reading some existing topics on this kind of problem. Hope that helps.

What if we used ui list layout?

Its because that gui is rotated. Rotated gui do not respect clip descendents property. Use images.

Yeah but some are images only but still the issue also should I remove clip descendant?

Layouts determine in what way UI objects are sorted and placed. Grid layout will sort the UI objects in a grid, a list layout will sort in a list. Layouts is a whole different topic to talk about.

@NoxhazeI explained it nicely. Rotated UI object ignores the ClipDescendants property. So I suggest rotating your images in your native editor app, not in roblox. So that you can keep the Rotation property at 0

Well I will try to do in the image editor and see if it works!

Where did you edit the white gradient anyways? Figma, photoshop?

Uhh in Roblox studio? And that also it might have overlapped

ohh, you must do it outside studio and already do the rotation in your selected program.

Yeah now I need to do all that again in editor :sob:

You can either:

  • Make it an image
  • Parent the scrolling frame inside a CanvasGroup of the same size

They may still be rotated then.

Hey thanks for the help
And also other too canvas group worked!!
Thanks for helping me out!
@NoxhazeI , @blve_hxrizon , @VegetationBush,
@TipsyAnthony !!

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