Problem With UiScaling

Hello Developer Forum members!

I’m having a bit of a problem with UI scaling, from Studio to Roblox.

In Studio:

In Roblox:

I’ve tried multiple UI scaling plugins but none really helped.

It stretches and the Head Icon is smaller and offset’ed.

You can use a UIGrid/ListLayout with a UIAspectRatioConstraint as a child of it. This will ensure the video frames would have the same ratio no matter what.

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Ah, thanks! I’ll try that. Hope it works!

The problem is that it’s not about the video frames, its mainly about the Logo, Search Bar and Head Icon that really bother me.

Then just put UIAspectRatioConstraints in those things.

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It helped with everything but the Head Icon. It stays small.

Use Crop instead of Fit on the head icon

How exactly would I be able to do that?

Just set the SliceType to Fit.

Also sorry for the late reply, something happened that I decided to keep private. :slight_smile: