Problem with uploading audio file

I am trying to upload music for my game but roblox doesn’t let me, how do i know whats wrong with my audio file??? which rule did i break??

Maybe check file. There’s a post in development discussions

If it wasn’t just prove you own ownership. Seems it’s copyrighted

i didnt create it but i dont think it is has copyright, how can i check if audio has a copyright?

I can’t help you if I don’t know the sound. Please send me the sound and maybe I’ll can help you. :roblox_light:

File properties it tells you who owns the song

Like Eliot said just send him the file.

i took it from cs 1.6 zombie mod server

Maybe because it looks like a scream? I don’t know. Try to read Roblox’s Terms of Use. :roblox_light:

Most likely copyright. Wouldn’t be surprised if the music originates from another game or something.

whats wrong with the scream?? there is a lot of scream audios on roblox

i dont think it is copyright because there is message if you upload music with copyright

without copyright i guess

Weird. I wouldn’t usually recommend this but try pitching the audio up or down and reuploading it again.

Maybe the culprit is the voice line around 31 seconds in? Roblox doesn’t like voices that are hard to hear.

am i going to get banned? i really need this audio but i want my account to be safe

Unlikely. I have been content deleted a lot for audios, and Roblox is pretty generous. If anything you will get warned.

Just don’t upload too many audios that may get content deleted in a short period of time. I stubbornly tried to upload the same audio about 3 times and got my account disabled for a day.


Thanks for helping me, i will start making my game tomorrow

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Maybe Roblox just don’t detected it on others audios. Anyways you should contact Roblox.

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