Problem With Using A Walking/Running Animation

I recently gave the Animation Editor a try since I’m trying to make animations for a game that I’m working on. After multiple tests I designed this animation:

The animation was made in a simple R6 Blocky Rig with the animation’s Priority set to “Movement”.
My next step was to add the animation, which I did by using a normal player’s “Animate” LocalScript that I pasted inside of the StarterCharacterScripts.
(NOTE: The game does have a specific StarterCharacter. I’m not sure if this could be part of the issue but I’m pointing it out either way.)

The real issue came when I tested the game and saw the animation working. The Torso doesn’t seem to move at all when I walk, even though I animated multiple frames from the animation using the rig’s torso.

I’ve tried changing the Priority, anchoring/unanchoring certain parts, partially starting over and more, but nothing seems to solve this issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue and is willing to give me some help?


Could be because you created the animation on a rig that isn’t the same as your StarterCharacter. I don’t know though, just throwing out wild guesses. Try this without the StarterCharacter and using a normal R6 Rig.

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If you want it to work with the StarterCharacter, use the animation plugin on the StarterCharacter model that you were using. Might work, but probably not.

Ah, that makes sense. Anyway, at least it’s fixed.

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