Problems creating a mini-map decal

So me and @plasma_node (developer on the game) have a mini-map system for our new game, but the decal is proving hard to create.

This is similar to something we want (and have attempted to create).

The problem we are having is the decal is not sized correctly. To make the decal I just went above the map in studio and took a screenshot to paint over. Is there a better way to view the map from directly above without the walls covering some of the corridors (the game is top down and does not contain a ceiling).

(An example of a wall covering what is beside it)

Here are two solutions:

  1. Easiest, can be done in Studio, quality limited to that of your monitor: set the camera FOV to 1 (lowest it can go, best mimics an orthographic camera) and take a screenshot. Note, you’ll have to take it from really high up, but it should be extremely close to what you’re looking for.
  2. Harder, can be fine-tuned for better results than Studio, requires external 3D software (Blender/C4D/etc.), can be rendered as large as you want: Export the map as an .obj, import the map into your preferred software, tweak lighting and materials to your liking (the sky’s the limit here), and render a still frame taken from an orthographic camera placed above your map, looking straight down.
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Ok thanks, what you said helped me loads.

Helo ı belive this could help
ı am not sure if it makes a decal but it might help it automaticly creates a mini map when you enter the game
ı have used it some time before.