Problems limiting how up and down a plane can turn

Hello everyone, I am trying to make the plane not go more up when hitting a limit, but it doesn’t work, here’s how I am checking it:

if planeModel.Body.Orientation.X < 65 or planeModel.Body.Orientation.X > -56 then
      --make plane turn
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You could use math.clamp(). Basically, when you set planeModel.Body.Orientation.X you can do something like…

math.clamp(yourValue, minValue, maxValue).

What this will do is make sure yourValue is within the range of minValue and maxValue no matter what. If you assign yourValue to 5, and minValue to 7, math.clamp() will return 7, not 5; it works the same for maxValue if you exceed it.

Hope this helps.

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It works, but I have a problem. When it passes the limit it stops turning, but it gets stuck forever. How could I make it so it can’t go through the limit but can still turn down after hitting the limit?