Problems scaling inventory UI

I’ve having trouble trying to scale this UI to be even across all devices. It looks perfect with laptop and console resolutions, but just ‘breaks’ with smaller resos.
iPhone 4

iPad 2


Can grab it here, have a look for yourself:
Inventory.rbxm (10.9 KB)

Please DO NOT recommend ‘making different UI for each device’ That is incredibly unefficient, and there has to be a way to properly scale the UI across every device and have it look the same on everything without needing to create 3-4 of the same UI for different devices

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Have you tried using things like UISizeConstraints and UIAspectRatioConstraints? If not, this article may be helpful:

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Problem with SizeConstraints is they work with offset, not scale, and 1 thing to know about me, I outright refuse to ever use offset XD The worst enemy when it comes to making UI scaleable

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I tried something.

iPhone 4s

iPad 2

Inventory.rbxm (10.1 KB)