Problems with controller UI navigation

Hey, so I’ve been working on mapping my UI to be navigated easily with controller.

However, this issue is plaguing the system:

There’s no element where the white square is at, and I keep toggling UI navigation but that doesn’t do anything.

This is really tedious work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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First off, you need to check where the controller’s movement buttons are facing. That will move the square. Second, you can’t use the normal hover events and you will have to create your own which is very tedious and requires patience.

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I’m not sure I understand.

I’m tempted to file this as an engine bug, but I’m guessing this is intended behavior.

It’s literally selecting and forcing me to select invisible elements from a hidden frame…that logically doesn’t make sense to me at all

If it’s an Invisible frame (Which it most likely isn’t), then disable the Selectable property

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The frame isn’t selectable and not visible, but the objects inside of it are.

This seems like unintended behavior. It really makes no sense to me as to why the navigator is selecting objects that you can’t even select…

Could this be an engine bug?