Problems with create a moving platform with constraints

So i’m want to make moving platform that can move player but roblox delete the legacy body movers and i don’t know how to do this. i try to use constraints but it does’t work

First off, what kind of ‘moving’ pattern do you want your platform to be? If it’s just a linear movement. Then i suggest using Prismatic Constraint.

If you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it. Just DM me.

i try to use prismatic constraint but when i stay on platform and them move i fall down
i making linear move

How do you move the platform. Do you use motor actuator, or through position force?

I honestly never try motor on Prismatic constraint. I usually use push to slide instead. So i might try it out myself. See if i can figure out something.

soo i try use both motor and servo and normal

So after watching a few tutorials and guide. I figured it out that you can use AlignPosition (The upgraded version of BodyPosition) to create this.

I provided a model i just made to study about moving platform. (In case you still haven’t figured it out till now)

You might want to check out similiar thread. Apparently this has been asked twice before.


thanks it’s worked i need to study new body movers thanks!