Problems with getting data using ProfileService


Recently i started to research more about the ProfileService module and I’ve recently ran into an error. I can’t seem to get info that should be stored in the profile even though it prints it out in the output ( as seen below ). I might be stupid but i cant really think of any reason why this could happen :sweat_smile:

Here’s the code that should get data from a profile

function pdh:Get(plr: Player, key: string) : {}
	local profile = getProfile(plr)
	assert(profile.Data[key], string.format("Data does not exist for key %s", key))
	return profile.Data[key]

( value exists in the default data table but cant be found??? )

What are you passing in as the key?

I pass the string “Combat”

here’s the line

pdh:Get(plr, "Combat") --plr is the player instance

It seems to be an issue with the getProfile() function then. It likely isn’t returning the player’s data.

You can check this with a simple guard clause after you call the function:

EDIT: Clearly not the issue lol. Let me think on that a minute.

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I think I got it.

assert checks if the given value is false or nil. In this case, profile.Data["Combat"] is false, which is why it throws the error.

I don’t know of a way around this other than just getting rid of the assert line. You could do extra checks like this:

if not profile.Data then return end


if not profile.Data then error("Message to error") end

EDIT: To check the value directly, you could do something like this:

if profile.Data[key] == nil then error("Message to error") end
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Oh! i never knew that assert also checks if the output is false… Well, everything works good now, thanks!

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