Problems with GUI

I have been looking at this for a while now, but I can’t figure out why this is happening. When I hit test in ROBLOX Studio my GUI shows and everything, however if I go into the game on ROBLOX it doesn’t show anything.

Test game to see the problem: RoClue - Roblox

Game: RoClue.rbxl (25.6 KB)

We need more information, the problem is kind of vague. Can we have some more information on your setup? If there is any code, please share it.

Perhaps a .rbxl (roblox studio) file?


Here’s a .rbxl RoClue.rbxl (25.6 KB)

Did you make sure to publish the game?

Yes. I have been in and out of studio looking at it for a while.

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Also could anyone tell me their experiences with it if they take the .rblx?

Nothing problematic with mine. Do you have any error code output you code post here? If there is none, I can’t find an issue at all.

No errors outputted, but have you tested it in the actually ROBLOX website? It works in studio for me, but not in game.

Like I’ve said before. This is in the website not in studio.

Could this be a plugin backdoor issue?
Looking at your plugins it may the the viable issue.

Try using this to see if there’s any backdoors

So I reuploaded the model, and it seemed to work for me. This is the game link.

Referring back to @uJordy’s statement, check for plug-ins that may be a virus. I don’t think there’s any other problem.

I used it, and it didn’t say I had any backdoors. Also, I deleted all my suspicious plugins, and it still didn’t work. :confused:

Not sure what this issue could be, try reinstalling studio and see if that persists.
If it does, then you might need to post a thread in bugs.

Make sure you’re publishing the game and not saving it. Try Alt + P in studio.

(my friend got this issue recently, even though he was confident he was publishing it turns out he was actually just saving - try it!)

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So apparently my ROBLOX decided to stop automatically publishing like it used to.

You should read more about this new feature: Saving Games to Cloud