Problems with importing meshes from OBJ file to Roblox studio

Hello I am a programmer, and I am trying to learn about importing meshes because I’ve started learning how to use Blender. I tried to import a car(that I didn’t make) to Roblox studio. And I’ve been importing only one mesh part (not whole vehicle) and some parts are not fully loading.This is how rims of the car looks like in studio: Screenshot by Lightshot , and this is how it looks like in Blender: Screenshot by Lightshot . Thank you in advance.

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Try inverting the vertices, that might sort out your issue.

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I am really new to modeling, so if you can explain to me or send me some tutorial about How do I invert verticles. Thank you for your response.

If a part looks darker than others, that means you need to flip it around. You need to be in face selection mode for it to work.

I uninstalled my 2.7 version and moved onto 2.8 so I can’t help you much, however I dd find some links which will help you out.

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My problem is pretty much that some part from the mesh disappears after the import. I don’t think that it’s the problem with Blender, but thank you for your answer. I’ll look at it.

This is Inverted Faces like @Legoracer and @anxyeity said.

Press TAB and press 3 on your keyboard, putting you in Face Select mode.

Then press Face Orientation On this area.
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Red is bad, Blue is good. Anything that is red, select it and Press Shift N, or

If this doesn’t work, go under the properties and press Inside.
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Hope this helped!


Thank you for your response, I’ve tried upgrading my Blender, and when I did that and imported my OBJ file to Blender, then my car model is a one piece, and it’s not made from multiple mesh parts (as it was in the version 2.7) Do you know any other solutions? Thank you for your help. :grinning:

That is because an OBJ file forces it in one solid object. Instead, Open your .blend file.

When I downloaded the car, it wasn’t even made in Blender (it was made in Sketchup I guess). I am sorry that I didn’t say it before, I just didn’t think that it was important to say it. I really appreciate your help.

You will have to cut the object in blender and then create the faces by pressing F when you see an empty part.

Thank you for your help, I guess that I’ll have to learn more about Blender, and then I’ll try to fix issues with imports. Thank you for your time and have a great day! Sincerely Fliper05YT