Problems with Instance.New()

Hi there! I need some help with attaching an Instance to my head! I want to make a system that shows particles above my head! This is a piece of my written code:

local groupID = 3752919;
local before_name = false;
local ts = tostring

local FounderPart ="Part")
FounderPart.Transparency = 0
FounderPart.CanCollide = false
FounderPart.Size =, 1, 0.175)

local FounderParticles ="ParticleEmitter")
FounderParticles.Parent = FounderPart
FounderParticles.Texture = 'rbxassetid://6572543084'
FounderParticles.Size ={,0,0),,0.5,0),,0.1,0)})
FounderParticles.Transparency ={,0,0),,1,0)})
FounderParticles.Lifetime =,3.5)
FounderParticles.Rate = 1
FounderParticles.Speed =,1)

-- ~~~~~~~~ Some lines in between here that arent relevant

function createTitle(p, s)
    local gui = script.Title
    local clone = gui:Clone()
    clone.Parent = p.Character.Head
    if before_name then
        clone.F.T.Text = s.." "..p.Name
        if s == "Developer" then
            clone.F.T.TextColor3 =, 1, 1)
            clone.F.T.TextStrokeTransparency = 0
            clone.F.T.UIGradient.Enabled = true

            FounderPart.CFrame = p.Character.Head.CFrame *, 2, 0)
            local FounderWeld ="Weld")
            FounderWeld.Part0 = p.Character.Head
            FounderWeld.Part1 = FounderPart
            FounderWeld.C0 = p.Character.Head.CFrame:Inverse()
            FounderWeld.C1 = FounderPart.CFrame:Inverse()
            FounderWeld.Parent = p.Character.Head

This however… does not seem to work… There are no errors, and it prints ‘hi’. The Particles just dont show up above my head.
‘s’ stands for the rank name of the player… I have the rank Developer, the T (display name) also shows up, except the instance FounderPart. What is the probelm and what is the solution?

Thank you in advance,

Couldn’t you just parent the FounderParticles to your p.Character.Head? It’ll automatically parent & teleport the particles to where your head is, unless if you’re wanting to do it with a part that is

I want to have an effect that makes it seem like the particles come out of the player’s display name. I don’t know if I could parent the particles to the head. I at least know that I cant weld them to the head!

Ok this made it work for me! Thanks… I have no idea why I didnt see this…

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Anytime, anytime! Do keep in mind that you can place Particles in BaseParts :sweat_smile: That includes a Head, Left Leg, Right Arm, and etc

I’ll keep it in mind! :smiley: