Problems with layered clothing (UV mainly)

Hello, I’m trying to make layered clothing for my in-game characters. But, as usual, I got a lot of problems.
While in release of this feature everything seems easy and fast, I got confused with UV part. Let’s take screenshot example with twisted cube:

(Example image from release topic)

Here you can see that this cube have 6 sides on UVmap, which are split by some requirements. But, after a lot of time spent realizing how this even works, I don’t understood much. Then, I looked on some example FBX meshes, which gave me more information, but I still have left some questions.

(Example image from FBX-file included in topic)

1. How this islands of UV’s should be placed? Does clothing and rig’s inner/outer cages should be ABSOLUTELY identical to each other? What I need to do if clothing and rig cages have diffirent vertices?

2. Is it necessary to place UV coordinates in “Square grid”, and should it have offsets, or I may remove them if I’ll need?
(Grid question example)

3. Is there any “easier” way to make UV-map gridified like this, or only way I can achieve this is by manual editing?

Thanks for reading.


The Square Grid is generally the localized place for mesh’s texture.
Throwing the model’s parts outside of that box will usually lead to things such as;

  • Texture Stretching,
  • Texture Repetition,
  • Texture Clipping or Cutoff,
  • Visual Artifacts

I’d suggest just simple enough selecting all of the dots and pressing S and it will resize them by the center, afterwards by pressing G you can move them to fit inside of that square grid.

Thanks for answer, but, as I know, layered clothing’s cages don’t use any textures, and their UV used to somehow define that something is above something.