Problems with network owner ship on parts that you want to be anchored

I am having this problem where I want a part to be anchored however I can’t set it to be anchored on the server because I want to set the network ownership to a player. If I try to set the owner ship then anchor the part on the server its seems as tho the client can’t control that part.

Since the part isn’t anchored and I can’t anchor it on the server I tried anchoring it on the client after setting the network ownership to the player and that seems as if it did nothing.

this causes glitchy-ness.

as showen here

any help would be appreciated.

It looks like you’re trying to make a viewmodel. I found this post to be helpful:

If you don’t want to use this, try making the parts on the client, so the server doesn’t have to worry about it and it won’t be visible to other clients.

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I want it to be visible for other clients but I think I can just get the server to replicate the position and orientation without having to do all of this networking stuff