Problems with textures

Hello everyone; the last days i have been having some problems when putting a textute into a mesh in studio:
Before the texture:

After the texture:

The brik turns black when i put the texture. Can someone tell me how to fix this.
Thanks :slight_smile:


In order to help, we’d need to see the texture image and the UV of the mesh since there’s way too many possibilities for this issue with the info you’ve provided. Help us help you by providing more info, please :slight_smile:


No problem! I will provide the as soon as possible!

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The texture itself might be corrupted which leaded the part to look black. and as Aotrou stated above there might be a lot of other things that caused this issue.
But try to put on another texture, if it works then the texture that you first put on is corrupted.


This always happens to my blender models, you must make a texture for that object in blender for it too work on it. If you just get any random texture, it won’t work.


I UV unrapped the mesh and painted the textures. It is a texture made for the shotgun.

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Well there has got to be an error somewhere, try putting the texture on in blender.

When it is in blender it is correct; but not in studio.
Also one more detail that could maybe make this happen; i used Crtl+j to join all the meshes; maybe that is the problem idk

The texture:

The shotgun with the texture in blender:
The shotgun UV urapped:

One note for everyone:
Dont use this as a reference of how i texture; it is just a test.

When you join all the meshes in blender, the UV map changes. Instead of joining everything into one mesh, you could export everything individually with individual maps and combine them in Roblox as a model.

If you must join in blender, do the UV mapping after the join is completed. Otherwise, all your UV mapping that you did before the join is lost. Joining effectively creates a entire new model that has an entirely new UV map.

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I will try that thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! That was the problem! :slight_smile: