Problems with UI scaling

I’m working on a new open world game. When i was done with all the UI designs i relized that using offset wasn’t so smart. Last time i made a game, i used scaling, but that made everything look streched out on my 3440x1440 screen. But now i’ve com to relize that none of them really works for me. What i want is that if the screen gets smaller, then they guis will shrimp into a perfecte size and when the screen is bigger, it will keep it’s size instead of stretching it. I’ve tried some plugins “auto scale lite”, but it doesnt work for me.

This is what my guis looks like on a average screen:

This is what my guis look like on a vga screen:

This is what my guis look like on a vga screen with using the tool:

I think i’m using the scale tool worng, but i can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong. Please help me!

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Move this article to Art Design and also utilize the AutoScale Lite Unit Conversion, select each element and then press Size to Scale

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anchor point {0.5, 0.5}, and do what SloppyBelloMigliore1 Said

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When using Scale you choose a number between 0 and 1. This will be its percentage of its parent ui. For example, a 0.5 size scale on the X axis will be 50% or half of its parents size on the X axis. This is good for keep things relative to their parents size across resolutions.

To help keep it even more relative when switching to a different resolution you will also want to use the UI Constraints… for example, the UIAspectRatioConstraint will keep the ui the same aspect ratio of its parent ui. These constraints need to be set too, so be sure to set its aspect as well as its dominant axis that you want to keep the aspect constrained to.

These can all be read more in depth on the roblox reference documents: