Problems With Wall Sliding

So I want to create WALL SLIDING but encountered a problem while trying to make it.

The issue is that when your falling the wall slide doesn’t work, demonstration shown in this picture:

I have tried solutions like

if Enum.HumanoidStateType.Freefall and WallSlide:IsPlaying == False then

Since I dont want people just to copy and paste the code ill explain what my code does:

So it raycasts the player to a wall and if its 1 stud away from the wall it will play the animation and stop if its not 1 stud away


Have you tried changing your animation priority? That seems like the most likely culprit. I’d set the priority to “action” and see if that works. I think by default they are core so falling might override it.

I have set the priority to action BUT I left loop off so should I turn that on?

local WallSlideAnim = game.ReplicatedStorage.WallSlideAnim
local LoadedWallSlideAnim = Animator:LoadAnimation(WallSlideAnim)
LoadedWallSlideAnim.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action
LoadedWallSlideAnim.Looped = false

You should have the animation looped, and stop it whenever wall sliding is over

So that worked… kind of?

When I move the character using move tool the wall slide works, but when I jump off a part it doesn’t work


I have figured out the problem but dont know the solution.
The problem is that it only works when you are currently wall sliding and doing the animation