Procedural and persistent worlds

So recently I’ve been watching quite a few videos of different space games (bungies upcoming marathon has an amazing art style btw) and I was wondering how hard it would be to make a procedural based worlds system like no man’s sky and also how hard it would be to make a persistent item system like star citizen (where you could leave something on a planet, someone comes along three days later and it’s still there)

Theoretically this could be possible however would it need an external database or would I be able to do it all first party on roblox since it does seem to be a really server heavy task, and if you were to have thousands of players and you were constantly saving data it seems like it would be really stressful (even though there’s games on roblox that do save alot of data across many servers).

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not very difficult, perlin noise is pretty easy but in your case with planets it might be a 3d poisson disc algorithm but i wouldn’t know what no mans sky uses to load their planets

however you should only save and load modifications done to the planet (buildings, terrain changes) and not anything generated because you can just use your generation function to generate the exact same thing. once nobody is in the area unload it and add it to a modifications table that saves when the server shuts down and loads when the server starts

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I mean the overall code is quite easy however the fine tuning of values and performance saving algorithms e.g greedy meshing you would have to use increases the difficulty by a lot