Procedural animations like phantom forces

I am trying to make a R6 movement animation system like in phantom forces.

Well the problem it’s that i dont find any documentation for r6 bc the most documentation it’s for r15.

I tried searching documentation by myself but my main language it’s not the english so it’s hard to me, so if you could give me some documentation that it’s not too hard to understand pls let me it down here.

Thanks in advance.

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By the looks of it, PF uses what is called inverse kinematics (IK). It’s possible with R6, but it’s preferred to be done in R15 since it’s basically made for that kind of thing. It involves manipulating the Motor6D’s C0 and C1 values. It’s not by any means an easy thing to do, but I’d recommend looking at this thread and this post.


You think there’s another way you can do this?. Bc im rlly dumb so i dont think IK will be for me and over all make IK work on server it’s hard but thanks anyways and sorry for my bad english.

There really isn’t. IK is definitely pretty hard. You might be able to find an existing module to make it easier, but ultimately it will suck to get it set up if you don’t understand IK. You might need to come back to it in a year or two and see if you have the skills then to attempt it.

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Yeah maybe but i dont think i will still understan bc my main language it’s no the english and well you know it’s pretty hard if you dont understand anything of IK and mostly english maths

What you could do is find an IK rig and animate it. You could create an IK rig/ animate an IK rig in blender and import to ROBLOX Studio.

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