Procedural foot planting feedback

Im currently working on procedural foot planting for my game Slayer inc, i’d like feedback :slight_smile:


It looks good but it moves too far away from the torso, also I did this before and I recommend you testing with very big ramps and clamp the rotation and the position on the z axis, overall very nice!

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does it work with animations, because if it does, your all set for you game!

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That was my goal, yes it does support animations!

Followed your advice! i think it turned out pretty good.

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This will be very useful. I like it!

Does it work with R15? If so, this is cool.

Not currently! I’m using a module for IKR6, but you can achieve the same effect in R15 with roblox’s built in IK Controllers.

Can you provide the module you are using? I would like to take a look at it, if it isn’ t too much trouble.

Sure! Heres the Inverse Kinematics Module Im using, the documentation should also be there!

Thanks for providing the module, since you are actually using Inverse Kinematics I don’ t recommend clamping the position anymore, and I also suggest you use Lerp for a smoother result. For the rotation you should use RaycastResult.Normal and LookVectors.

That’s how I handled procedural arm positions:

But I’m yet to attempt feet position which was why I was so interested in if this was for R15 rigs.

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Mhm! Lerping is my next step, sadly the module does not support rotation at the moment, although I might make my own modifications to support it.

You can use the module they used and a similiar Raycast to place the feet to the ground, I can give some other information on how to do it if you ever need it