Procedural Polygonal Terrain Generation- Make low poly terrain with ease!

Have you ever wanted to create large areas of low poly terrain but you havent had the time to position all the parts using one of the free plugins in the library? Well I have developed a solution for this. You can now generate beautiful terrain in seconds and edit it to your liking!

A Few showcases of what this can do:



Seems pretty cool, but why is the source obfuscated? Community Resources is for free and open source resources.


And also, it’s extremely suspicious that it prints my UserId into the output whenever I start using the plugin.


Awesome plugin!

I have just a couple of questions:

  • How you’re creating the terrain? Are you using BaseParts?
  • Will this cause stress onto mobile devices and less powerful PC devices?
  • Is it easy to build custom buildings and assets to work with this terrain?
  • Can we easily remove parts of the terrain if we want to create a hillside mansion for example?

Looks great!
-Tom :slight_smile:

Yes sir when you generate you can edit the positions to create flat portions of the land just like one of the many manual terrain editors that use nodes,

I Played on my phone in the early testing stages and it didnt seem to cause any lag with a fairly large map.

The terrain uses egomooses 3 point system that uses i believe 2 wedges for each triangle you see.

Source is closed and will probably stay that way, if you wanted to remake this it would be pretty simple but its just for if I want to sell some of this code later on.

I do believe that community resources is meant for open source projects. Since this isn’t open source, it’d probably be better suited for #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

If you read the pinned post at the top of community resources, you will see that it specifically states this category is for resources with open source code only.


That defeats the purpose of “open source”. This category is for free resources that we can check properly as a security measure. Installing any plugin imposes a threat to our games if we can’t verify the source.


suree dude ill open source when i get home thanks.

in the meantime i put up for copying it contains the same code just more raw

Also If you use this project in your game (like use the code from this project in your game) I would appreciate some form of credit

its called respect for creation, you dont have to im just saying you should

The maps look really great, I will definitely use this! :slightly_smiling_face:

if you don’t want people looking at the source then you should put this in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations instead.

Does this have support for 1D Noise?

Xysanth > egomoose > me

So yes i believe a small bit of this would be considered his but just the part that draws triangles

Nice to see that this guy made something similar to me in the past, but mine is simply more efficient
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Sorry for bumping this post, but this is false, his code and your code are VERY VERY close, which doesn’t mean your code is better than his, and his code isn’t better than yours.

I mean come on, you even passed the same arguments for drawing the triangles, with the exact same math.

Don’t say your code is better, when it’s exactly the same.

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yah i used the 3d triangle code, thats the only part of this entire project that is copied