Procedural Sound Propagation

Yes, this simulates sound diffraction and occlusion, so that if you have a fire alarm that is separated by a big wall or in another room, that sound will be faint, scaling accordingly to the environment, and with accurate~ish reverb.

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Thank you. More importantly I asked at the bottom of my previous post if you have plans to release the system for us to use in our games. Could you answer that? I do believe many developers would benefit from this system if released/open sourced.

No plans as of yet, this is suppose to be released in the ARLO|Siege game, that should be scheduled to release next year, so it would be decided when the game releases, plus I would also like to add more to the system, the current reverb system is kind of a hit or miss(because of the limitation).

I really hope you do decide to release this to the public in the future, I could seriously use this in the same application as Almonty7655.
Here are two videos demonstrating why I want your system so badly:

(Without any occlusions or reverb)

(With manually added reverb and occlusions)

This is why I love your system! It can automatically take the sound from video 1 and convert it into the sound from video 2

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Nice, I made something similar a while ago but it was a bit costly and it never felt quite right.

But I’ve recently been watching this video on sound design in battlefront 2, specifically how they handle indoor/out door, closed and distant sounds in various environments, and I want to tackle this project again.


Cool, I will check out that video, I already have a system that uses the most out of what Roblox has available right now with my reverb system, I hope they give us more options when customizing reverbs procedurally in the future, sound replication is a bit of a pain when some guns have very fast fire rate, but I have mostly finished the replication part, just need a bit more polish, right now im not working on this system, I got to finish my automatic navmesh generator.

That’s cool, and yeah I wish there were a few more options for sound but.

How is your system in regards to performance? I used to have trouble with mine.

everything is very performant, able to be ran on lower end hardware easily, only thing thats not as performant is the reverb, which i am planning to fix later, and it wont be hard.