Procedural World Generation Algorithm Islands, Castles, Pyramids, Mountains, Underwater

I’ve been working on a procedural world generator on and off for a while. Today I did a bunch of optimization making this run very smooth. It’s still has some visual bugs, but it works and is pretty interesting.
I apologize if you get stuck inside something and trapped.
Here are some details. This algorithm uses several main functions to do its thing. one is a function that uses a mix of simplex noise and perlin noise to create terrain in the form of a variety of biomes such as desert mountains snowy areas and etc. It also creates rooms pyramid towers and castles using Synty dungeon assets and terrain. It generate sections of different sizes that never overlap as the player enters them. It utilizes parralel luau.
The generation of each section is done by an actor that executes the attribute/variables of this object.
The underwater section is handled by an individual actor. The land is generated by another actor. Once development is further along on the land generator I will be expanding it to include the sky. Soon the oceans will be occupied by ships and inhabited by my randomly generated NPCs along with my random quest generator algorithm.
Their are over 15 different types of zones and each section is of a random size and themed from an increasing roster of themes. Currently the themes are Castle, dungeon,library, japanese, greek and temple. In the future I will be adding halloween, christmas and other holidays.
Every aspect is randomized but controlled more by themes and biome types. The world is designed to be seemless and infnite. with biomes that vary gradually over areas.


I’d suggest adding a video or some gifs to show off your work instead of forcing anyone interested in the topic to be forced to join a game just to see the work at display.


Seems interesting, I’ll try the game out soon when I find some time to! :wink:


Sure here are some pictures I have taken of it .:slight_smile:


This is really interesting and impressive work! I love the thinking behind the magic system and the impressive particle effects for some of that too.

I did get stuck falling the water and I am apparently too heavy to swim out or something. I am not sure what happened. But I will spend more time on the game demo and see if I can experience different zones.

Are you an individual dev working on this or part of a larger team? Just curious…


Yes! I noticed that too getting stuck on the bottom of the water. I’ve been doing a lot of overhauling and accidentally broke something but its fixed now. Also, I am only an individual dev, with no team or anyone.
The spell system is really cool! Their are 16 unique spells then their is an algorithm I wrote based on 4 spell types that handles over 50 different spells such as the projectiles, point attacks, buffs, and beam types. Their effect is determined by the attributes of this object inside of them that describes the cooldown, power, speed, size, and element of the spell. It’s also an effect system it has conditionals for if the subject is a player npc or just an object so they can be executed very simply from anywhere. The cards have over 15 different borders I like yugioh so

I have a lot of other systems that are too much to get into but in short it has custom npc party system,pet system, over 57 enemies, 10 different quest types given by randomly generated NPCs by my random quest generator algoirthm. Theirs over 39 different armors, and hundreds of other items such as amulets,staffs shields, halos, Their is a world building system where you defeat portals and select a map object via interface to spawn in useful objects and a bunch of other stuff.
I’m just in the process of bringing it all together! Which is the most difficult part. But things are coming along smoothly. :slight_smile:

The main goal was getting the ping to be as low as possible. I recently did a parallel luau overhaul so I think a server could potentially handle over 100 players. All the enemies run on individual actors and most of them are based on my 32 parameter algorithm that determines the combat behavior of the npcs.

Also, I notice you are an AI engineer. I have an interesting Open Source Luau Chatbot algorithm I created. It is available on GitHub and as a model. Check it out if you are interested. It’s only an algorithm though but it is solid for use as an information chatbot. It uses a large table of synonyms to randomizes its output and understand what a player is asking. Artificially Intelligent Chatbot LUAU Algorithm [Open Source] - Resources / Community Resources - Developer Forum | Roblox

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Uhh, I gotta say that the right-down corner… Is a mess.

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Yeah it was really hard to design. But their is a toggle for showing interface text and it also saves the preference. But it definitely is a mess! This is in like late mid-late alpa stages.Their is too much to get into but itare different algorithms to randomly generate different things like quests, npcs in addition to the map, then their is full character customization, 57 spells, 39 weapons staffs, shields, halos,capes, armors, ranged weapons, hundreds of items, 57 enemies 29+ animated pets etc. It’s a work in progress. It’s a lot of fun though. :slight_smile:
You can also fly and transform into a Dragon Chimera and an Angel individually or at the same time.

Their’s also an unlockable skills that lets you turn into a mermaid.
Soon their will be skills that let you turn into a octopus like Ursula, Centaur, and Spider, currently these are limited to the randomly generated npcs.


Looks fun!

When I’ll return from vacation, I will probably try it!

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