Procedurally generated Smooth terrain Canyons

don’t ask about the pony

I adapted CloneTrooper1019’s terrain generation script in the wiki to make simple canyons for my upcoming game. (It’s quite laggy, unless you lower your graphics settings). It’s pretty simple, just flooring the noise to different levels when it reaches a certain value. I’ll be working on generating other types of terrain as well for the map for this game. Best case scenario, I can lay down all of the basic layout for the map with generation. :slight_smile:

  1. This is pretty cool. I like the look.
  2. What about the pony?

Blame loading :confused:

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holy lag batman
but it looks great

Any chance you could turn on streaming?

It would really be helpful, especially when I make the full size map, but the streaming chunk size is too small. You can’t see the canyon walls when you are up high in between the walls.

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Mind making a copy then, with streaming on, so I can see the problem?

I’ve updated the original place with streaming enabled.
Seems that the second time you go to an area, it works very well. It doesn’t seem capable of keeping up when you pass through an area for the first time (on my laptop, at least. However, I’m not sure how much of this is due to low graphics settings and how much is due to streaming enabled).
Images [spoiler]


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