Process of New Members to Members

I can’t “specify prove” for you but I got into the DevForums and I’m the most untalented person to ever graze this earth.

i’d just like to point out the question presented in the opening post has already been thoroughly answered by numerous people.

this isn’t a discussion, so please move discussion and feedback directed towards the current process to a separate thread :+1:

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I’m considering to release my game performance article here. Does this count as a promotion to member?

What do you mean by that? It’ll help towards being promoted but just by virtue of going through post approval once doesn’t mean you will be promoted.

That alone would not be enough to earn promotion to member. You need to be making consistent contributions to the forums. It is s step in the right direction but it isn’t enough.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I have been a New Member role for over a year now.

Time is irrelevant, you’ve made 6 replies, no topics, and haven’t gone through the post approval system, so you’re not eligible to become a member.


Any topic that I ever want to reply to or make, I don’t have access to. I don’t remember an exact example of this.

You can have a post moved to any category that is visible to you by using the post approval procedure described in forum rules.


Post movement is also a essential part of showing capability on the forums. Understanding the procedure and using it is important if you want to showcase responsibility as a full member.

I think it’s a bit hard getting promoted to member.

The new member → member process is being worked on. The materials I linked are from the new member FAQ, and would be a general guideline on what you should try to achieve.

I don’t know what the new process will be, however if you can demonstrate that you’re able to effectively utilise the forum (which is pretty much what the new member role is for, to act as a buffer) then you’ll probably be able to progress when it rolls out.


Read time should be something important though as many has said, it doesn’t help the community.

Another idea is promoting them by a bot when they have the following criteria:

  • 1 day read time

  • Great topic badge

  • Great reply badge

  • Bio created

And the enthusiast and/or aficionado badge.

In my opinion post approval is kind of inconvenient/inefficient for me but I don’t really have a better solution in mind right now so guess I’m stuck with it :man_shrugging:

I think a lot of this controversy comes from the fact that people feel they are qualified but don’t really have a guide to tell them what qualified actually means so they base their claims differently than others. Hopefully when the new procedure is implemented this will be a bit clearer :smile:

In the future you’re going to be able to just press the “New Topic” button on the category and it’ll make the post in Bulletin Board and DM us for you. Does that solve your issue?

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That will definitely work for me :smile:

Was that shown by any DevRelations person? Will there be a announcement in it? If so, do you know when?

I made it.

Don’t know for either question.

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I’m glad this is happening :smiley: I made this suggestion before and a lead top contributor misunderstood me and closed the thread and showed me the rules that showed the post approval process :joy:. No matter though because it’s happening :smiley: