Process of New Members to Members

The new system of the forum introduces “new members” which is a good way to include new members automatically into the system without manual processes. However, as I and many other new members have probably wondered, is there a way for us new members to become full members? I’m not being intrusive I hope and I was just wondering if there are criteria or if there is a manual process involved. I’m sorry if this seems a bit vague but I just wanted to know for in the future and I’m sure others do too.
Thanks in advance!


I’m actually writing an article all about that for you guys. Give me less than a week and you’ll have a thorough answer.



Wow man, that’s awesome! I’ll be sure to check it out once you’ve finished it :grin: !

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New Members who actively contribute quality content and have shown themselves to be capable of using the forum are eligible to progress into full membership.

The New Member role has less to do with your proficiency as a developer and more to do with your ability to correctly utilise the forum. If you’re able to demonstrate that, you shouldn’t have much trouble becoming a Member.

A good way to demonstrate the above is to participate in the post approval process, outlined below or to actively help other users in #development-support. Forum staff or lead top contributors will be able to point you in the right direction, and furthermore evaluate your standing in the community.

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I’m sorry to disappoint most of you, but unless you’re some kind of genius you’ll have to wait. When I contacted the Lead Top Contributors asking about getting moved up to full member they said I’d have to wait until they make a proper process for promotions.

Even though I am helpful and contributing (I would say I am) I got this response. So it’s just to wait. But of course there’s exceptions, @LuckyTux is an example on such exception.


I retired and STILL got promoted for crying out loud. I’ll be going over this in the article


I was promoted the same time as @LuckyTux. You just need to make sure that you fit their criteria and have the ability to make quality contributions.

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I actually checked, and they said I met the requirements. But I also had to wait for a proper promotion system.

I was promoted in the last week of February. So contributions to the forum are presently a way to get promoted at this moment it seems. Unless it has been changed since then.

“I should also note that we are working on the New Member —> Member promotion procedure, so it might be that you will have to wait until that is implemented.”

(Sent 24 days ago)

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One thing that greatly helps your chances is making a post that requires and gets lead top contributor approval without major (or any) changes. This includes:

  • Bug reports
  • Feature request
  • Documentation requests
  • Tutorials
  • Community resources

Thanks a lot. That is great! :slight_smile:

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It’d be nice if New Members could create topics in Community Resources so that we could directly contribute to the devforum instead of having to stalk the Development Support section answering questions.

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You can – use the post approval procedure you read about in forum rules when joining the forum


Well I mean they aren’t going to just give you it. Otherwise we all would be asking.

I stand for the rights of being able to acquire full membership, at a more manageable cost. Some, stay as New DevForum members for years, and in my preference, they are far more achievable then certain DevForum members. If we could have a systematically straight forward way, of acquiring the full membership, that should be to read something like 24 hours. Because, if you read that much, it already shows you are determined in this program and is most likely dying to become a Member for the community, even though, they have most likely already proven themselves.

Just reading posts does not demonstrate rule comprehension.


Reading something for more than 24 hours isn’t enough of a requirement to become full member… There has to be another way…

“Dying to become a Member” means nothing.
If you cannot make meaningful, useful contributions to the forum, you are not fit to be a Member with full access to important categories. Simply reading is no indicator that you can do this. Users must prove that they can follow the rules and make good contributions. Anything less and the forum will degrade.


… Prove by demonstrating that they can follow the rules and make good contributions.

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