ProcessReceipt does not fire with TeamTest (In team create)

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In studio with team create (e.g. A friend sharing edit access to a place w/you, not a group game), if you start a team test session (Test > Team Test) and purchase a developer product, ProcessReceipt does not fire at all.

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Happens every time. Repo steps above. Have a friend make a place, grant team create access to you, start a team test session, and attempt to purchase a developer product w/processreceipt listening on the server.

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Play solo session in team create place. Purchase goes through fine, all code is loaded.

Team test session in team create place. Notice how no output at all (I can’t see server output in team test, so I have the server send messages to the client that it prints). The output printing “Got to line 153 purchase processor” and “Got to line 212 purchase processor” means that processreceipt/promptgamepasspurchasefinished connections/functions were setup correctly w/o erroring.

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Just noticed it as of < 1 hour within writing this report.

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This is still happening. I spent a lot of time testing with a friend trying to figure out why purchases were only working in studio, only to learn that it was a bug. We have a gifting feature in our game, and there is no way to test gifting with each other without actually spending Robux to purchase gifts in game.

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Sorry for necrobump, but this issue is still happening. Works in Solo Mode and Published, but not Team Create.


This is still an issue makes it impossible to test product purchases. How has this not been fixed?

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Bumping for visiblity. Still happens. Still makes Team Test far more infuriating and USELESS than it has to be.


Will this ever be fixed? It’s been over 4 years

It seems this has just been completely swept under the rug. This bug has been present for years and the fact there isn’t any follow-up/indicator that a ticket was filed for a bug this disruptive is not acceptable.

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