Producing tire marks

Heyo. I’ve been looking to hook up a Trail to the bottom of my wheel with a certain texture to leave tire marks when you drive on sand, but I can’t figure out how to make the attachments for the trail stay at the bottom of the wheel without spinning with it.

I’m using my own version of ROBLOX’s vehicle system from their racing template, though the constraint setup remains the same:

  • The base part for the wheel is the mount (yellow), located at the top of the wheel well

  • A spring attaches the mount to the wheel

  • A motor attaches the wheel to the knuckle (blue), located in the middle of the wheel

I’ve tried attaching the trail and its attachments to these different sections with limited success. Either the attachments will spin with the wheel or move with the suspension. The closest I’ve gotten is with the latter.

You can see how the trail will wave (the two attachments nearest to the bottom of the wheel) as the vehicle suspension rocks through a turn or deals with elevation.

Additionally, I’ve tried to do some kind of raycast system, but it has to run rapidly to have even a marginally better result and I fear it’s too much performance loss for such a simple effect.

Does anyone know the best way of going about this?

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