Product: exe | Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet


Version 4.2


The update will include some of these things;

  • Bulk Effects (Effects stored in a folder)
  • Tool Badges (Useful for adding extra information)
  • Permanent Ban and Timed Ban revamp.
  • Fixed Miscellaneous Issues.

Happens with me too. Better to just use the UserID method instead of the group method.

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@blve_hxrizon Please fix this, it’s so much more helpful to have group features if you manage a group with a lot of moderators.

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Don’t fret, in the upcoming update V4.2 will fix the issue with group roles accessibility.


none of these are errors, just information messages and warnings, most of the case when debugging you can turn these off in the console settings anyway

Update Highlights.

Global Ban :globe_with_meridians:

Global Ban is how to ban offline players or players who aren’t on your server. You can locate it on the Dashboard.

Global Ban works just like the normal Ban is, you just have to type the player’s username. This is relatively slower as it processes a lot more requests, it will take approximately ≈ 5 seconds, and it will notify you regardless so you’ll know if the process is done.

Managing Ban Players are better! :busts_in_silhouette:

You can now revoke every type of ban that Product: exe offers.

More information will now be displayed including the Moderator who banned the player, the type of ban that the player received, the duration of the ban if it’s a Timed ban, and the Reason for the ban.

Resyncing and revoking will now take about ≈ 10 seconds (depending on the number of bans).

Revoke a Ban

A simple and quick way to revoke a ban aside from revoking it from the Manage Ban Players panel.

Simply type the player’s username and let it fetch the data and now you can see the details and with a click of a button, revoke the ban from them.

Tool Badges

Adorn your tool list by adding badges! Just add a tag to the tool object and that’s all!

How to add Badges to my Tools?

Just add a tag to the tool object and you need to follow this format for proper addition;

:bulb: You can add multiple tags for multiple badges. You can scroll the badge list in the tool list.

The “Order” is an optional thing, so you can do Admin Item;ffbb00 if you don’t want to add any order.

Bulk Effects :sparkles:

Effects can come into groups and Bulk Effects is the right way to pull this off with Product: exe.

Just put your effects in a folder!

:bulb: To assign an icon just add an attribute named EffectIcon and set it to the rbxassetid:// of the icon you want.

Effects Redirection :tongue:

Effects can be fun when you’re able to apply them to any part of your body! Just add an attribute named To for any effects, do not add the To attribute in folders, you need to add them in the elements inside the folder.

:bulb: If you did not add a To attribute it will default to HumanoidRootPart.

Miscellaneous Fixes

→ Added Skeleton Loading Screens
→ Group Ranks should now be working
→ Fully switched over to BanManager

:bulb: To keep all of your Custom Commands, Tools, and Effects, duplicate those folders and set them aside for a moment. After that, bring and place the new one, now replace those new folders with your backed up ones.

Having Troubles with Product: exe? DM me your issues with your build number and photos/videos.



Would it be possible to add users to a temporary or permanent permissions list within the UI itself without having to go into studio?

The UI looks really clean and reminds me of this:

Would really like it if you could open up some of the UI Components one day…


Hello, I do think this project is absolutely insane and cool!

however I suggest something important for me, I would recommend you to make the
project as one library module that contains it’s dependencies and starting the library by using a :Start() the Start function would automatically place the objects for you and organize it and start the main module, while customizing could be in start function parameter for example:

local Exe = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.ExeLibrary)

  Ids = {

It maybe possible but it will take time and fixes to make it work since the project has been finished, but I am sure that this technique will improve this project and this Resource!

I read “Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet” and said out loud “Hot damn, that’s cocky!”

Read the post, it wasn’t cocky, it was the truth. This tops every single one I’ve seen yet.


There are a lot problems with your criticism. I’ll start it off with this:

You described no improvements that could have been made. You left it open and unexplained. You said that it wasn’t the best, and just left it at that. What about the color choice makes it “not the best?”

A wiser choice could have been made, which is waiting until you could get on a better device to point it out.

This is more of a social standard, but giving terrible criticism then asking a question like this is pretty audacious. Consider leaving this out next time, or go to another topic which already has this answered.

Personal preference should be included as little as possible when giving genuine criticism. It may annoy you, but it doesn’t to others. You being an “extreme nitpick” doesn’t justify any of this.


This is very useful! I’m gonna start implementing this into my game right away.

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Any plans for Adonis compatibility?

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I have checked the permissions but it says I am forbidden from using team changer, tools etc.

Looks absolutely amazing. Love it!

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This looks stunning honestly, UI is clean & Modern, Everything is so modernized I might end up using!

keep up the good work!

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Was looking through your manager script code and wanted to just mention a thing or two.


function uptime()
    -- Instead of doing while true do and having the task.wait be below you can do this
    -- Its pretty much the equivilent of doing that.
	while task.wait(1) do
		exe_storage.objects.uptime.Value += 1

-- Spawns a new function in a corutine thread for performance (should help a bit)
-- Note: I personally do this most of the time with while loops. Helps with perfomance and threads

Consider doing this instead for uptime.


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Why would you task.spawn a coroutine?

Using task.spawn by itself would accomplish the same thing.

Its a habbit of mine thats all.

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Honey can’t you just use workspace.DistributedGameTime??

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