Product: exe | Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet


Product: exe may require guided assistance when setting it up. Please proceed to the “How to Set it up?” page.


Product: exe is a modern and intuitive admin panel. Every feature awaits you. This product features a glassmorphism look in every aspect of the panel.


Are you done setting it up? To toggle Product: exe;

You can either type the command in chat or press the key F2.


Players Tab is where every player that is on the server is listed.

Key Aspects.

Navigation Buttons

Located at the top left corner of the screen. Close, Menu, and Refresh.

Close is for closing Product: exe.
The menu is for opening the main menu that allows you to switch tabs.
Refresh is for refreshing the player list if there are inaccuracies found.

Player Item

The button for every player that is on the server.

Clicking it will pull up the Profile Menu.
2 Quick Actions for Banning and Kicking.

Searching Player

It is a simple feature yet the most convenient one.


The menu that dives more into the player.

Key Aspects

Direct Actions

Functions that focus more on moderation for the player.

Additional Actions

Miscellaneous actions that will help you moderate and control the player even more.

Kick Menu


Ban Menu

Ban Settings lets you configure how the ban weighs.
Manage opens the Manage Banned Players menu.

Ban Settings

Notify Menu

Allows you to notify the player with the ability to change icons and duration.

Notification Preview

Jail Menu

Prison Room Preview

Bubble Preview


Players Tab.
Dashboard Tab.
Credits Tab.

Dashboard Tab

Key Aspects.

Manage Banned Players

Tools Manager

Drag-and-drop tools for your desired player have never been this easy!

With Tool Manager, you can distribute, clear, and delete tools from every player by clicking the pencil icon.

Custom Commands

This is where you can locate all of your registered custom commands.

Server Privacy

Server Privacy offers you even more control over the server you’re currently in.

Server Announcement

Full-screen announcement for every player on the server.

Announcement Preview

User Interface Scale for Desktops

User Interface Scale refers to the overall scale for the entire UI. This feature is similar to Web Browsers such as Google Chrome. You can edit this by opening the EXE Panel and;


This way you can zoom in/out on the UI. To reset the User Interface Scale you can do it by;


This way you can reset the User Interface Scale.

And tons and tons more! That’s for you to find out!

Feature Highlights.

  • Intuitive Moderation Controls
  • Desktop & Mobile Support
  • Custom Commands
  • Webhook Notification
  • Group Roles Permission
  • Window Mode

Having troubles with Product: exe? You can DM me here.

How to Report?

You can direct message me if you’re having trouble. However, you must follow this template;

Product: exe’s Support

Concerns: Question, Issue Report, Suggestion…
Build Number: Check the Credits and Build to get the Build Number

After these lines, you can add your photos, videos, and descriptions.





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Looks really clean, keep up the good work!


Looks awesome, great work! The UI design is stunning; does it support adding custom commands or is that something that could potentially be added in the future perhaps?


No need to look for the future, it’s right here, facing us!


Everything looks absolutely amazing, it was definitely worth the wait!!! Congrats on the release and keep up the fantastic work!


I don’t know why, but the fact that it closely resembles iOS makes it hella clean.


I love Product: exe, probably the best admin panel on Roblox right now. The UI looks wonderful and the features are good.


I’ve seen a ton of admin panels posted, and I often look at every one I see because I like seeing different variations of panels.

This panel honestly seems like the best one yet, your UI looks clean and consistent, and it’s feature packed. Genuinely hope this project doesn’t end up discontinued like some other panels I liked. Amazing work!

Also major props for a detailed post about your asset, not alot of people dedicate the time to make a well laid out post with graphics.

Went ahead and gave you a donation because this could easily be a pay to use panel as well :slight_smile:


Not the best GUI design honestly, I see a lot of room for improvement here as well. For instance: the color choice. It’s not the best. I also see some padding difference here and there but I can’t really point them out as I am on mobile. Also I do like the effort but the fact that it does not match roblox makes me sad. Roblox is suppose to have a bit playful theme while this is completely modern.

I do, however, like the blur effect and may I know how you achieved this?


I would’ve paid for something like this


AFAIK, there are no particular UI Design prerequisites in Roblox, you can do whatever you want here; playful, modern, weird, cool, sci-fi, everything! Even Roblox themselves apply modernness in their recent UI Design Structure.


I am sure there are specific Ui designs for roblox. For example: The new chat gui! It looks good and still sort of matches the roblox theme while also being modern. I am not saying modern is bad but the fact that this gui looks a bit too modern for roblox, just annoys me. Just probably don’t consider responding to my topics. I have stuff going on. (I am an extreme nitpick)

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Definitely a GREAT admin system, will definitely use in my game.

Cough Cough,
My Packer plugin would’ve been perfect for this :sunglasses:


Very amazing!

I have a lot to say about V4. The UI is very beautiful and actually has a lot of effort put in to it unlike other admin panels I mainly see on the devforum. It’s very easy to setup, and the many things V4 has brought is insane in a good way.

I’ve tried it out in a project I am currently working on, and let me say it works flawlessly. No issues that I’ve seen yet.

With all of that, the wait was absolutely worth it.

Overall rating is a solid 5/5. Nice work as always, Toast! Hope to see more from you in the future.
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After playing with the panel some more, I did notice one issue (but still a great panel). When you have a window/pop-up focused on screen, you can still highlight menu options in the background

Recording 2024-03-12 at 12.32.48


Unfortunately, this is how Roblox’s input works. Even though you put something in front the input would still pass through resulting to buttons in the background react to hovering.


Hey, are there any plans to change the settings to a module instead of values?

Go to Apple and ask for a job as GUI designer! Respect! Ive never seen such a good UI!


I’ve seriously never seen such gorgeous UI ever in my whole entire time on this platform, your UI is on the same level of Apple’s UI.


I figured it was something like that! Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: