Product Groups: Transparency Is Sorely Needed On Roblox

Transparency between Roblox and the Developer community is severely lacking at the moment, with the many issues of discovery, lack of Developer Awards Program among many other issues. Roblox has always had an issue around transparency with the developer community since its inception. However, there is a way to fix this.

Recently, the Analytics team at Roblox created a guilded server that allows a few hundred developers both big and small to directly communicate with product managers and engineers on a casual basis. We’re given insights into new features, updates well in advance and are able to directly give feedback straight to the people working on Analytics.

In fact, you can apply to join here!

This is the type of communication and transparency we desperately need as developers across all of Roblox. We’re the ones that make the platform exist, we should be able to directly speak to project managers across all different teams and have them directly hear our feedback and respond instantly. Every team on Roblox should have a focus group similar to this, allowing developers of all sizes to have a say in what that team is working on and build a strong communication between developers and Roblox higher management.

Please Roblox, make more teams like this, its clear that it works.

I’d also like to thank the amazing staff in this server that are actively listening to our feedback and ideas;


I am a member of the Guilded server and I can’t say enough about how great it is!

There’s something so refreshing about seeing devs from all sorts of backgrounds coming together in collaboration with some of the best Roblox employees and interns.

Please use this as an example of how to lead product teams.

Peter Yang understands how to build a product!


I simply can’t get across how great the guilded server is and how amazing the staff there are. Transparent talks about ideas from developers, or why a Roblox feature is the way it is occur all the time.
This should be standard for all parts of Roblox!


This may be off-topic, but what is this Guilded server and how could I become apart of it?

You can join right here!

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