Product Prompting Stopped Working

I did nothing different to my script, it just stopped working.
The product ID is correct, there is no errors, and it prints the correct things when the button is clicked.
It just won’t prompt the ID anymore. This used to work.

local CLICK_BLOCK = script.Parent

local Click ="ClickDetector",CLICK_BLOCK)

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What are you trying to purchase? Clothing? A model?

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a developer product. like I said it worked before

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Where is this script located i.e. workspace?

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its in workspace in a part, not local script

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Try running it inside of StarterPlayerScripts and see if that works.

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I don’t know if this might fix it, but try capitalizing Connect.


that wouldn’t change it… please don’t comment on things just to get more posts


You should still be always using capital c when doing :Connect(), :connect() is deprecated. And not sure if this is true but pretty sure you need a ProcessReceipt callback, see if that works. Also, see if “p” is a valid player, do print(p.Name).

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I know that, this was made a while ago. Changing the c won’t affect that though.
This just handles prompting, not the purchasing.
I already printed p and it does print the player name

Still capitalize the c anyway. Why are you defending using :connect(), just do :Connect(). And get back after you see what p.Name prints.

I am not defending it. I am saying it wouldn’t affect it. I did change it.
I already said printing p says the player name

It is a roblox bug, my was working for months, just stopped working few hours ago, alot of games having this issue indcluding me, I lost alot of revenue because of this bug. I posted about this bug in the engine bugs.


in my game is working perfectly!