Product receipt client

how do i make the receipt work on the client

		game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):PromptProductPurchase(game.Players.LocalPlayer, 1656732042)  

local gamePassID = 1656732042 

local function onPromptGamePassPurchaseFinished(player, purchasedPassID, purchaseSuccess)
	if purchaseSuccess == true and purchasedPassID == gamePassID then
		print(player.Name .. " purchased the GamePass with ID: " .. gamePassID)
	elseif purchaseSuccess == false then
		print(player.Name .. " Started purchase Prompt for the GamePass with ID: " .. gamePassID .. " But did not buy. ")

You can’t do this locally

Char likit blah blah

you can

send remote to client on server

To me i thought he meant do sll of this on the client

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