Professional 3D Modeler (11+ years experience) Adam Parker's Portfolio (USD only)


Hi! My name is ZaBear, and I am a professional 3D modeler. I have 11 years of experience modeling on blender, and have completed hundreds of freelance jobs, as well as corporate jobs requiring 3D models. I can model almost anything imaginable, from high quality product renders, to game assets of any kind. I have been modeling for Roblox games as well as building in Roblox Studio for a bit over 5 years now as a side gig for recreation, and have received the opportunity to meet some amazing and extraordinary communities and game developers. I treat my customer’s satisfaction as a number one priority, which is why I enjoy delivering high quality models with precision, and on time. I believe that game development requires extremely high quantities of time, effort, and enthusiasm, and I have made it my mission to allow game developers to deliver the best possible and highest quality games to the community.


I have decided to keep my showcase as brief as possible, so I decided to just upload 3 random orders I have done previously. If you would like to see more, you can contact me and we can arrange something.


If you have any feedback feel free to reply and let me know! I can also do texturing, so if you would like to see some examples, you can DM me.


I’m usually available from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Monday - Friday New York time (GMT-4) though, I am currently on vacation in Dubai, so I’ll be available at the same time but just in the Dubai time zone (GMT+4). I usually do not work on weekends, but I can still answer messages. I should usually finish most orders within a day or two, depending on how many orders I already have.


I don’t exactly have any specific terms. Just some basic common ones. I will not be providing any work until I am payed. I’ll send you screenshots once I am done, and if you are satisfied, you can pay me and receive your work, or you can request changes and have it completed again. For extremely large orders, I may request you to pay a small processing fee of about $5.00 USD (which cannot be refunded) depending on the order, but this only applies for extremely large orders.


Since I enjoy doing orders for Roblox games, I usually keep my prices low. I only accept USD payments made through PayPal. At the moment, I cannot accept any Robux, or percentages. Many people come to me telling me about they’re revolutionary game ideas and gigantic advertising budgets and I have to admit, I’ve seen some pretty impressive game ideas, but I still cannot accept percentages. It is requested that you do not DM me if you are unable to pay in USD to save time for both of us. My prices depend on what kind of model you need, so I can’t tell you here exactly how much it will be, but you can always DM me for a quote. I’ll usually keep my pricing low, so that it is affordable to all kinds of game developers.


You can contact me by DM’ing me on Discord. I mainly only use Discord for Roblox game development. I should usually respond within a few hours depending on circumstances. My Discord username is: zubairr I’ll be looking forward to your orders! If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to reply below. Thanks!

Please note that this is my first post on the DevForums so it may not have as many reviews as expected (A lot of customers do not leave reviews so that should also be taken account of). Previously, I used to just scroll through jobs and apply through Discord, until I recently learned that I could post a portfolio as well. If you have any feedback, let me know in the replies.


I definitely recommend his work, he takes critics well, he is creative, and often gives updates on the commission.

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extremely interested, sent you a friend request: strangertingz#1227

Commissions have been reopened. After a few years, I am now returning to offer my services once again to the Roblox community.