Professional Game Trailers & Videos for Social Media

About Me

What’s up fellas? I’m offering my services as a game trailer producer. I specialize in filming & video production. I’ve been in the industry for 7+ years, but I only really started putting videos together related to Roblox this year at the start of the pandemic through my YouTube channel, Roadblocks.

I create sharable videos that engage with your audience but also attract and retain new players for your game.

I’m looking to work with established game developers with a large audience and a reasonable budget for a professionally produced trailer for social media and their game page. I’m balancing Roblox projects with real-life projects, so I’m really only interested in serious developers with really cool games.

Video Showcase


  • 30s, 45s, 1 Minute Game Trailer/Explainer/Informational
  • Roughly 2 week turnaround time from first day of filming (Varies per Project)
  • IRL footage included in each trailer (Scroll down for more information on that)
  • Videos formatted for social media & Roblox game page
  • 4k IRL Video, 4K in-game footage & optional 4K final exported project (additional fee)
Unedited In-game Example Frames

Unedited IRL Example Frames

  • Licensed music so you don’t have to worry about copyright
  • Full rights to the final video

What Makes My Trailers Different

  • I have 3+ years of filming professionally IRL with various companies and emergency service departments across the US & 7+ years filming as a hobby.

  • Every trailer produced will include some aspect of IRL footage (Unless you don’t want any, lol) mixed in with gameplay & in-game cinematic footage. I partnered up with my local police department to stage a police chase as a transition into gameplay for our Emergency Response trailer! I’ll work to make your trailer stand out.

Another example… over the shoulder gameplay:

No faces will be included in the video.

My Kit

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4k
  • Rode + Zoom H4N For Audio
  • Aputure 120d
  • 27" iMac, 13" M1 Macbook


Prices depend on the expected project workload and special requests. Before anything, we’ll hop on a call over discord to figure out details. Once everything is decided, I’ll send a quote and we’ll move on from there.

Prices range from $$$-$$$$
I don’t accept Robux as payment for anything under a Devex-able amount


I’d love to talk with you and see if your project is something we can collaborate on!
You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter @cantfindshirt



Truly an amazing person to work with. We commission Nate for our video needs for Emergency Response: Liberty County and he goes above our expectations every time. Definitely will be a lifelong client.


ChloeGames made a cool review of the trailer on her channel!


Created a last-minute end of the year video for Emergency Response: Liberty County
They reached out at 3p today and received the final product at 8p!


Here’s a behind the scenes shot of where everything comes together. Most of the filming, gaming, and editing is done right here.


Emergency Response again… Just uploaded an extended trailer with new IRL Police Footage + In-Game footage, check it out! Emergency Response: Liberty County - Extended Trailer - YouTube


Talk about professional man. Love your work, good job!
Hope it works out well for you in the future.


What do you edit with for your trailers

I primarily use Premiere Pro 2020

Might be switching soon however…

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May I ask what to? Any, do you have any recommendations for small youtubers like myself.

I’m Interested mind shooting me a dm on discord @ fundulx#8949

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strangertingz#1777 im very interested!

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Behind the scenes shot of my next trailer


Check out a trailer I did for City - 8! City 8 [RP] - Game trailer - YouTube

See it on their game page here.


Hello IM reaching out to you for work on our game Zombie Task Force, I would love to collaborate on a trailer for out game my discord is ROWG_Leader#3822 , chat soon!

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Hey there you look great for out game but I’m in the UK and don’t have a lot of money so can I get some tips on how to make one.

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