Profile buttons centering on mobile

Currently this is what buttons on your profile.
It should probably be centering. I’m almost certainly sure that it’s not intentionally like that.

Expected behavior: Buttons center with all other text and images
Actual behavior: Buttons center to the right
First experienced: Today
Impact: Low
Repro steps:

Go to the devforum on a mobile device, the go to a profile, it will display like this.

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I don’t think (emphasis on think) it’s supposed to be centered. At least, I don’t recall it ever being centered. It looks slightly weird but it makes some sense if you think about it.


I see you’re using an iPhone device. If you tap the “aA” symbol, you can “Request Desktop View” to use the desktop version of the Roblox DevForum, which might resolve your issue.

Or, it could be the other way around; you might already be on the desktop view, in this case switch to “Request Mobile View” and it might be fixed.

Either way, you are correct, as this should be centered properly.


This was on the Mobile view, I never tested the desktop view, I’m pretty sure that it would fix it


The centering in general on it is weird, as you can see the stats at the bottom being uncentered, so I feel like this is a mistake.

All of this is probably meant to be centered, but it’s all to the left (and right??)

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This isn’t a bug, it’s an automatic HTML viewport that discourse created on purpose.

If that’s the case, why is the image centered and not the buttons?

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Great feedback! Thanks for the suggestion.

The reason things weren’t centered is because the flex behavior was behaving the same way on mobile as desktop, where the buttons align on the right-hand side of the screen.

Would you mind taking a look now? Those profile controls are now centered on mobile.


Thank you, they’re now centered!

Actually, the buttons are gone now.

It looks like in that screenshot you’re not logged in. The buttons should appear for you once you’re authenticated.


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