Profile Collections Bugged

Reproduction Steps

My roblox profile’s collections has the face accessory, “Virtual Commando” permanently stuck there.

Expected Behavior

I have tried to take it off my profile normally with the toggle and even tried unowning the item but I came to no avail.

Actual Behavior

I would like to request it to be taken off my profile’s collections as it became a hindrance after being stuck there for over 3 years

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: brb - Roblox
Impact: High
Frequency: Very Rarely


Unable to verify that the bug still exists. The collections section is missing and I can’t see your inventory. Please get someone who can see your inventory

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Do you still encounter this issue?


I can’t seem to see it anymore, can you confirm?

It is still there for me because I can see my own collections. But my collections are private to everybody else because I have my inventory set to private.

If I turned my inventory public then you would be able to see the bugged collections however I’d like to keep it private because I don’t want people to see my inventory