Profile Groups padding is weird

This bug is simply visual, but it’s annoying.

This is a profile with 2+ groups added

There’s all that empty space, and it still cuts off at 2
This is a user with 1 group added

It’s inline, but it still has the …
The point is, if you have 2+ groups, then it cuts off the first row, and still only shows 2. I’m pretty sure this is a bug, but if it isn’t, I think it should use the entire first + second line, and use the 2nd line as an emergency overflow, and also display all of your groups, if impossible showing a “More” button instead of “…”, because … is inconclusive.


Unable to reproduce with Gray Amber. Are you using a custom theme? Because it looks like the custom theme might be affecting this.


Yeah, turns out it’s a custom theme error. It’s kinda weird because it’s just the Air theme, which was directly from Discourse. I think I should open a feature request on making “…” less inconclusive htough.

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It’s not. I can reproduce on Roblox Dark (cc @ItsKoiske)


Yeah, as Gamers shows it happens on official themes, it’s not just a custom theme thing.

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To clarify, is it the wrapping or the ellipsis that you’re highlighting an issue with?

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The wrapping, if you have more than 2 it separates from the Trust Level section highlighted in the screenshots

I did say that it would be nice to have the … say “More >” or something and give it a background, because it’s rather inconclusive as to what it does

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Just looked at this on iPhone (safari), and the padding is pretty weird there too.

This could be how it’s intended to be viewed though, unlike PC. I wasn’t sure so I’m still going to include it.

Hi, Was this fixed?

It seems like now it might be the length of “Regular” and not “Member”, but then again after looking at some regular’s profiles it still seems to have the issue

Now my guess is it’s just select profiles.

Group padding still seems to be weird on mobile and trust levels don’t matter for the bug for group padding on mobile

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This isnt fixed yet I thought it was fixed its still occurring to me

(i was lazy and i didnt mark it)

check the groups section in the photo

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Was this fixed? It’s fixed on my profile is what it looks like

Still not fixed whilst viewing @csqrl’s profile on mobile (could probably reproduce for others).

Still doesn’t have correct padding on OPs account either:

Also, I can definitely tell it isn’t fixed on the image you attached

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It’s half fixed, it’s all on 1 line now, it’s still a bit weird.

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@GamersInternational pointed out that this is an issue on my forum too, I will point it out to the Discourse team.

Will update here when I have any updates

UPDATE: I opened a PR. Will solve this topic once merged.

The pull has been merged! Now we have to wait for Roblox to update, but it’s now in Discourse!

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