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From what I’ve seen, our profile photos not updating after changes is an intentional feature (likely to reduce server load) but I feel like this would not be a feature that would be too server intensive, especially if you optimize it so that it only updates once every 15 minutes or so.

At the moment, the only way to update your profile photo is to log out and back in, which isn’t much effort, but is just an extra thing that people don’t want to do.

This wouldn’t really have any major benefits or impacts on the platform itself, but it would definitely make the DevForum feel a lot nicer and like something that Roblox cares about.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

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There’s really no need for it in all honesty. Assuming you only regenerate icons once a day (if there is any change) for people who are online and posting that’s still an enormous load on the servers which honestly doesn’t matter.

If you desperately did want to change your avatar on here for some unknown reason, you just need to login again (be it logging into an incognito window, on another device, or just logging out and in again) which only takes a minute at most.


This is not necessary and I do not think that anyone would benefit from this.

How is it an extra thing to do?

I do not see a point in this when a button called “Log Out” literally does the same thing.


It is true that it would just increase srrvers’ load. If the forum would fetch the avatar icon every time a users makes a request, considering the amount of users on the forum, the load would not be small. The only real thing that could minimize it would be roblox servers telling the devforum to fetch a new icon after a user closes the avatar editor.

The forum uses discourse which by default has custom profile images so the staff already had to modify the way this forum works which with discourse updates can become difficult.

Anyway this is not an important feature and the staff definitely has other things to focus on.


no, logging out and logging back in should only take three clicks :confused:

if you want it, then what are you gonna do with these three clicks???

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We will end up doing this at some point (including username and display name updates) but haven’t been able to prioritize it especially since the workaround is easy and doesn’t take much work from the user (log out/in).

Thanks for the request