Profile Service, profile does not exist for (userid)

I followed a basic tutorial trying to learn the profileservice module but for some reason it isnt working
message says: profile does not exist for (my userid) line 59

Heres the main script

And this is the proximity prompt script im trying to use on a part

If someone could help that would be great, I have been going crazy for an hour trying to get profileservice to work,


Where are you testing this in Studio?
If you just use Play or Play here then all of the scripts/game functionality is done on your computer which I think doesn’t read online information.
I’m not sure how this can be bypassed other that saving the game and playing it on the site.

When you run a game saved to Roblox in Studio, it connects you to a server that is running the game as a client. All the server-side scripts would operate on the server, not locally, so they should be fine.

Its working now, thanks to everyone for replying anyway

Did it just start working properly with no changes or did you do something that fixed it.
If you did something please explain what it was in your Solution post

hi, sorry I should of specified, I’m not exactly sure what it was, first I turned on https services, then I changed the code a bit because I was using the functions incorrectly, then I hit play and it seemed to start working :+1:

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