ProfileService Save Parts and their Position

Recently I have been trying to learn and understand ProfileService, and I was wondering if someone could explain or leave a link on how to save parts and their positions, like in a building game,

Heres the basic template of ProfileService that I got of youtube that im using

If anyone could help that would be great, thanks.

they use a method called “serializing” for saving and “deserializing” for loading; they are actually quite simple where you just convert an Instance into a save-able table, e.g:

local function serializePart(part: BasePart)
   local pos = part.Position

   return { -- store the important properties
      name = part.Name; -- store the name
      brickcolor = tostring(part.BrickColor); -- store the color as a string (since you can only store string, boolean, numbers, etc)
      position = {x = pos.X, y = pos.Y, z = pos.Z}; -- store the position as a table

print(serializePart(workspace.Baseplate)) -- { name = "Baseplate", color = "...", position = "..."}
(encode the serialized data to a json string for saving)

its pretty much the same for deserializing

local function deserializePart(data)
   local part ="Part") -- create the part
   part.Name = -- set the part name 
   part.Color = -- construct the color from the string
   part.Position =, data.position.y, data.position.z) -- construct the position
   part.Parent = workspace


keep in mind these function are untested and therefore could be a mistake or possibly an error;

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