Profine | Game Trailer Animator/CG Artist (0/1 SLOTS) (ON HOLD)

(3/5/2022) I do not take commissions anymore. I am only taking Brand Commissions. If you think your
game is big enough to warrant a good trailer, feel free to PM me on the forums!


What’s up, it’s ya boy Profine, I am a Bloxy Award Winning CGI Animator/Artist that specializes in the Roblox platform. I have been animating for over a year now, and I am readily available to offer my services to either making your game stand out, making your vision come to life, or any other way I can bullcrap you to actually commission me! I use Blender, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more to accomplish my work.


Obviously talk is bluff, here’s some of my previous projects I have done for people!

Tower Defense Simulator Trailer (2020 BLOXY AWARD WINNER)

Tower Defense Simulator:Frost Invasion Trailer

Tower Defense Simulator: Halloween Trailer

Tower Defense Simulator: Bloxy Acceptance Speech

Shootout! Game Trailer

Les Beyond East Game Trailer

Super Mansion Tycoon 3 Trailer

Roblox Battles Game Trailer

SFOTH IV Game Trailer (Fan)

EvilArtist UGC Animations/Jackeryz Stream Overlays

And then here’s my yearly progression trailer if you need WAY more on other work!

The rest of my work can be found on my Youtube Channel!


My prices vary based on a lot of factors when it comes to a commission that include amount of shots, amount of rigs/characters required in a scene, animation complexity, scene complexity, and special VFX (Fluid/Pyro/Destruction), as well as facial animations.

PRICE REFERENCES note this is for animation, not entirety of the trailer. Obviously more complex trailers with a lot of effects required will cost more than simply just animated ones

  • 10-15 Seconds of animation base price: $500 + Rendering Taxes (170,000 Robux + Rendering)
  • 30 Seconds of animation base price: $900 + Rendering Taxes (275,000 Robux + Rendering)
  • 1-2 Minute Animation Base Price: $1750 + Rendering Taxes (USD Only)
  • 2+ Minute Animation Base Price: Contact Me

USD Payment Method: Zelle, Direct Bank Deposit (Paypal Unavailable)

ROBUX Payment Method: Group Funds


WHAT IS RENDERING TAXES? Rendering Taxes are the total amount spent on Render Farms used for the production of your game trailer/animation. Rendering a scene on my computer normally takes a huge chunk of time that could be used towards working on another scene, but render farms allow scenes to be rendered within 10 minutes.

Usually, a 15 Second Trailer will normally have am estimate cost of about 24$ in rendering fees (35$ 30 seconds). These Numbers are estimates, and can be more if scenes require higher sample counts. Reciepts on every Render will be provided and added up to a total cost when the commission is complete.

Alternatively, if the client wishes to save legit just a small percentage of the total price for whatever reason, they are free to render the scenes on their computers. Instructions will be provided, cheap oomf.

Prices do increased based on complexity of the commission, and if there are tighter deadlines required.

All residents of Chicago, IL MUST PAY A CHICAGO FEE.


6/6/2021: Commissions are on hold as I am busy working with my team on the accelerator team.

The most efficient way to contact me is via Twitter

When contacting my twitter, please give a summary of the work you’re interested in commissioning me for.

Alternatively, if you think you’re relevant enough to contact me via Discord, you can shoot me a
friend request via Profine#8050. Note that I don’t normally accept discord FRs unless I can easily
identify you as someone worth time.

NOTE: I do stream my work due to it being able to keep my sanity up while doing long hours of animation, so if the project truly is very secretive, please indicate it while planning it out.

Story Boards are extremely recommended, since I am not as creative myself at times.

LAST UPDATED: 3/27/2021


You had a really great experienced on making games trailer, These are actually incredibly amazing! Hard-working animator that I ever know, I would recommended him!

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These animations are great! I will really consider hiring you in the future!

is there some sort of unique city provision or statue that the city of chicago has placed on the work you do cause thats an interesting fee there and something i havent hear of before

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I’m interested could you contact me on my discord?


Hello there, I am interested in doing a 30 second trailer commission,

Here is my discord: DerpTurtle#3649

i sent you request on discord my username is roplex