Profitable Game Ideas

Hello developers of the Devforums. I have had this question boiling in my mind for a while now, and since i just got promoted, it’s the perfect time to share my thoughts and to maybe find the most profitable idea. (Sorry if my grammar is bad or if the post is formatted horribly)
Requirements(For the ideas)

  1. Must be original

  2. Must be easy to make(not too easy, but easy enough for a begginer dev)

And that’s it.
Feel free to post your ideas down below, in the replies section.


Simulators, and overall appealing games for everyone!

If you make a simulator, make it look as cartoonish as possible.
For example, bright lights, a lot of vibrance, and lowpoly looking buildings!

Now, I can’t give you a entire game idea.
I do know things like digging simulators, or (example) Bloxy Cola Simulator could really help you out.
If you do it correctly, using a fair amount for sponsorships, normal ads you’ll overall succeed and profit.
Make sure to have a good development team that you trust!


Thanks for the wonderful idea! I’ll consider that.

One of the best tricks in balance of easy to make and enjoyable for people to play at is to make your game be capable of socializing, a lot.

Imagine one game where there’s one central mechanic and everything else goes around that central mechanic. Some examples I saw was someone making a dance player for players to use, and even if it was small, people played it. Another one was a game with body physics that don’t take much time to make and build the game around that.

What I propose to you is a small game where there’s blocks falling randomly from the sky and that they hit people every once in a while, and those blocks that fall off the sky can be anything, from teardrops to a couch, from snow to a house, from hail to the entire ####### fiffel tower, everything falls from the sky and then dissapears. There’s a small roof in the middle of the place which changes position every once in a while, but the thing with that roof is that it’s small, so not everybody can stay inside of it.

But you should be trying to make from your own ideas, it’s fine, I have ideas all the time and I share them everywhere, but it should come from you, not from me.

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Incredible idea! I’ll try to make that.

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