Programmer for hire

About Me

Hi there, I am a intermediate programmer on roblox, I have been working on programming on roblox for around 2 years now.


not much of my work has been posted as it is still a work in progress


I am available about 6 hours a week, you can contact me around school times(bearing in mind that I live in the UK so time zones may be different)


Prices are negotiable, I accept hourly or a percentage of what is made.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord at:

Thanks for reading! :smile:


It’s not much of a portfolio without work. Please attach some.

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Hello @twichman123, your post is very vague and lacks information. Could you tell us more about yourself such as what have you been working on more specifically along with some screenshots/videos we could see? What is the point of creating a portfolio if there is nothing to showcase? Also can you be more specific in the “Payment” section? Say how much you like being paid, in what currency, if working on a game how much are you going to expect etc…

I am interessed can you add me on discord.